Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey

Take a shot at sharing your opinions at the online Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.mywawavisit.com to enter exciting sweepstakes!

About Wawa

Wawa is a gas station plus a convenience store chain that is headquartered in Chester Heights, United States of America. The gas station chain first started back in 1962 by Grahame Wood in the state of Folsom, Pennsylvania. Now the chain has expanded all across the Eastern Coast of the United States of America.

Detailed Step by Step Guide to complete the Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey

In order to successfully become a participant in the lucky draw conducted by Wawa you must share your opinions at the online Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey by following the step by step guide stated beneath for your ease:

  1. Connect your device that is sufficiently charged with any internet access in your vicinity.
  2. Then the next task is to open the official URL for the Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey as given ahead www.mywawavisit.com
  3. The web browser that is installed on the device you are using will open the Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey.
  4. Then you should choose the language to attempt filling the Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey in.
  5. The given choices for the language would be between English and Spanish.
  6. If you want to choose English as the language simply right click the respective button and then proceed.
  7. Then enter the code for the survey and the ID of the store
  8. These details will be written on your most recent Wawa Survey invoice slip.
  9. Then indicate the exact time and date when you went to Wawa the last time.
  10. Now when you start the Wawa Guest Satisfaction feedback rate all the services of Wawa as you found the,.
  11. In the end state your personal credentials in the given spaces to take part in the prize draw winning!

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