PartSource Guest Satisfaction Survey

Get to win and spend an amount worth $1,000 daily or $1,500 every week by completing the online PartSource Guest Satisfaction Survey on the URL

About Part Source

PartSource is a Canadian based retail store for auto parts that operates under the lead of a larger company Canadian Tire which was established back in the year 1999. The company is successfully headquartered in Nova Scotia and has multiple location in the areas of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the online PartSource Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you wish to win awesome gifts and prizes you must complete the online Part Source Guest Satisfaction Survey to share your feedback. This survey can easily be finished if you read and follow the step wise guide given below:

  1. Click the web address at the end of this sentence to open the official PartSource Guest Satisfaction Survey page
  1. This web browser set as home browser on your device will be prompted to open the official Part Source Guest Satisfaction Survey.
  2. Before you share feedback at the Part Source Guest Satisfaction Survey give the following details:
  • Number of the store,
  • Number ID of Cashier
  • The day and time you last went to Part Source,
  • Total value of your bill
  1. These details will be stated on your recent bill or survey invitation
  1. If you have a Part Source Guest Satisfaction Survey invitation or invoice bill it will contain a serial code on it.
  2. Enter this serial code in the assigned slot
  3. Click “Start”
  4. Now you can fill the Part Source Guest Satisfaction Survey with peace of mind by rating all the services of Part Source.
  5. State your personal details which would ask for your full name, your phone number, your email ID and the ZIP Postal code in their designated slots.
  6. The last step is to make a submission of your filled version of the PartSource Guest Satisfaction Survey.

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